What is CMOS and How to Reset

What’s CMOS

CMOS (Complementary Steel-Oxide-Semiconductor) is a kind of expertise utilized in digital gadgets reminiscent of computer systems, smartphones, and digital cameras. It’s a kind of semiconductor that permits for low energy consumption, excessive pace, and compact measurement.

In a pc, the CMOS is a small battery-powered chip that shops vital system info such because the date, time, and {hardware} configuration. It’s used to maintain monitor of the BIOS (Primary Enter/Output System) settings, which management how the pc interacts with its {hardware} elements. With out the CMOS chip, a pc wouldn’t be capable to begin up appropriately as a result of it couldn’t retailer that very fundamental information.

Generally, the chip might change into corrupted, resulting in errors within the system’s {hardware} configuration. This may end up in points reminiscent of incorrect date and time, error messages throughout startup, and system crashes. To repair these points, you could have to reset the CMOS chip.

Resetting the CMOS chip includes clearing all the info saved in it, together with the BIOS settings. It will revert the system to its default {hardware} configuration, which might repair any errors brought on by a corrupted CMOS chip.

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Reset CMOS

To reset the CMOS chip, you will have to observe these steps:

Step 1: Flip off your laptop and unplug it from the ability supply.

Step 2: Open the pc case and find the CMOS battery. It’s normally a small silver disk-shaped battery situated on the motherboard.

Step 3: Take away the battery by gently pushing down on the retaining clip and pulling it out of its socket.

Step 4: Await 10-Quarter-hour to make sure that all the info saved within the chip is cleared.

Step 5: Reinsert the battery again into its socket, ensuring that it’s inserted appropriately.

Step 6: Shut the pc case and plug within the energy supply.

Step 7: Flip in your laptop and enter the BIOS setup utility by urgent the designated key throughout startup. The important thing might differ relying on the pc’s producer, however it’s normally F2, F10, or Del.

Step 8: As soon as within the BIOS setup utility, you will have to reconfigure the system’s {hardware} settings to your most well-liked configuration. This will likely embrace setting the date and time, deciding on the boot machine, and configuring the CPU and reminiscence settings.


The CMOS expertise is a vital part of contemporary digital gadgets, permitting for sooner, extra environment friendly, and extra dependable efficiency. Should you expertise points together with your laptop’s {hardware} configuration, resetting the CMOS chip could also be a helpful troubleshooting step. Nevertheless, it is very important word that resetting the CMOS chip will clear all the info saved in it, together with the BIOS settings. Subsequently, it’s important to backup your BIOS settings earlier than resetting  to keep away from dropping any vital configuration information.

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